PIR & Motion Sensor Lights | Security Outside Lighting

All our outdoor light fixtures can be supplied with optional units to make them PIR & Motion Sensor Lights. This sensor detects motion and automatically activates the light, providing an added layer of security to your property. Whether it’s illuminating your driveway, patio, or garden area, these lights offer convenience and peace of mind. With a rating of IP44, our lights and fittings are built to be weatherproof and resistant to dust and water. This ensures that they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions without compromising on performance or durability.

Our PIR units are able to operate multiple lights simultaneously. Additionally, since the unit does not require a direct connection to the light, it can be placed at the entrance of a pathway and still illuminate a different area entirely. Alternatively, when utilizing multiple lights, it has the potential to illuminate the entire perimeter of a house. The potential uses for these units are limitless, making them incredibly versatile. Some can be both wall or corner mounted.

You can read our article on why stand alone PIR are better and more cost effective alternative, than buying a light with one pre-fitted.

PIR & Motion Sensor Lights , security outside lighting

PIR & Motion Sensor Lights can be used to light up driveways, walkways, porches, and other areas outside your house and garden.

Security Outside Lighting for Modern & Classic Homes

Traditional Fisherman’s Wall Lights

See our range UK made Fisherman’s wall sconces, ideal for outdoor spaces, offices and walkways. Choice of size, styles and colours to suit all property types.

Black Fisherman's Wall Sconce

The Harbour Light

The Harbour Wall mounted light is similar in size to the ever popular Large Fisherman’s Wall light, but has a simpler glass fixing. Available in the same colour range of Matt Black, Slate Grey, Silver Aluminium (best indoors) and traditional Cream.

It’s simplicity also means it is a cheaper alternative to the Large Fisherman’s light while giving the same size of light. Can be supplied with an optional PIR and / or matching corner bracket.

Wall Mounted Harbour light

Harbour Wall Light in Slate Grey (2 in Stock on Sale£130 £115 each)

Lights for Limited Space

If you have limited space, like a narrow passage way, but still require Security Lighting, with the option of a PIR & motion Sensor, the a wall mounted bulkhead light could be your answer. Here are a few examples that you could use. Again they can all be supplied with a PIR unit to operate 1 or more lights.

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