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Why UK made lighting is Best – Shining a Light on Quality

We think it is important to support British Manufacturers, these UK made lights are crafted by hand here, by J D Burford. They have a distinctive quality powder coated finish. This is often called enamel, however powder coating is a heat process that produces a better finish.

Handmade Black Fisherman's Lights

We think it is important to support British Manufacturers, these UK made lights are crafted by hand

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Introduction to UK made lighting Fisherman’s Lights – How are Fisherman’s lights made?

J D Burford’s are a premier metal spinning factory based in the Welsh Valleys, producing among many other things, high quality crafted lights. This family business has been delivering quality products for over 40 years and they have supplied many of our customers for the past ten years. We have supplied a number of restaurants, cafe’s and retails premises, including Waitrose, Rick Stein’s, GBK and more with both indoor and outdoor lighting, with many coming back for more. Always a sign of a good company.

The lights are made by hand which does take time. We estimate 12 – 15 working days to complete each batch, however the factory work hard to get your lights out as soon as possible as we know you’re waiting for them. We strive to produce a stylish item that represents a quality product, as opposed to a cheaper lightweight import. Getting replacement parts, such as glass covers, can be difficult with imported lights.

The Craftsmanship Behind UK made lighting Lights

All our fisherman’s pendant & wall lights are handmade, not mass produced. The body and associated parts are all hand turned from aluminium. Any necessary drilling and forming is done at this stage. The lights are then assembled, cleaned and then go to the paint process. The simple explanation (but it is a bit more involved!) is the fisherman’s light is sprayed with a special powder paint. It’s then baked in an oven which ‘melts’ the powder giving an even finish; the process can take several hours.

Given the size and expense of these ovens and spray booths, only one colour can be used at a time. This takes time to clean before a change of colour, so it is reasonable for the factory to organise same colour batches together. This can delay the process by a few days depending on what batches are going through the factory at any time.

Once painted, the lights are then go to the electric fitting shop. They are wired by hand, assembled, and then go for final testing. Each light has an initialled proof they have been electrically tested before leaving the factory. The finished fisherman’s lamp is then wrapped, packed and sent to us.

Your patience will be rewarded: whether your fisherman’s lights are for the ceiling in the kitchen or outdoors to light outside your home, they will be stunning and unique.

Lighting Styles

Our UK made lighting lights are available in a number of styles for both internal and external use. The outdoor range is all rated IP44, which is suitable for outside use. All the range is available in a number of colours; inc. Traditional Cream, Slate (dark) Grey, Satin Matt Black, Seaspray (pale) Blue and Raw Alunimium. The Fisherman’s Pendants and Fishermans Wall Lights are offered in several sizes and match, ideal if being used together indoors.

The outdoor range is all rated IP44, which is suitable for outside use. Again available in a number of styles, sizes and of course colours.

Let’s Look at Some Examples 


If you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your space, explore our UK made lighting range of traditional Fisherman’s Pendant Lights. Our selection includes various styles suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Choose from different sizes and a wide range of colours to find the perfect fit for your needs. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of longer cables for those instances where the standard drop length may not suffice. Experience the timeless charm of UK made fisherman’s lights and elevate your space today.

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