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All our bulkhead lights are quality made from solid brass and manufactured in the EU. Finished in Antique or Contemporary style, you will not be dissapointed.

Best Bulkhead Light fittings all IP rated

Quality Brass Bulkheads Ideal for Indoors or Outside | IP64, IP54

IP Rated for Safety

These bulkhead wall lights are all IP rated so all can be used safely outdoors, or in the bathroom and other wet areas, including house and garden walls. For outside use they can be finished in Antique or Natural (Raw) Brass. For indoor use including bathrooms they can be in Antique Silver, Polished Brass or Satin Brass.

Security PIR & Motion Sensor Fittings

If you want to use your outdoor Bulkhead light for security, then why not add a motion sensor? All these lights can be supplied with PIR’s. We recommend using a Stand Alone PIR . (Read the benefits) which we can supply, they will run more than one light if needed.

Efficient LED Bulkheads

All our bulkheads can use LED bulbs for efficiency rather that 40 watt or 60 watt bulbs, the larger fittings using an E27 base, and we can supply LED GLS bulbs to suit. The smaller units have G9 LED bulbs. Again all these light fittings can be dimmed if required, using the correct dimming bulb and suitable dimmer unit.

Need Conduit Entry?

Many of our Bulkheads have glands to take conduit side entry if needed.

Need Emergency Lighting?

Ross Emergency IP65 Bulkhead Light

Ross Emergency IP65 Bulkhead Light

The Ross IP65 bulkhead light is a nautical-style wall or ceiling light with a 3W integrated LED emergency light that emits light for three hours or more during a power outage.

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