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Going around the trade fairs and seeing manufacturers and importers it is inevitable that much of what we all buy is imported, mostly from China or India. The production costs are a lot less, wages being a fraction of those here in the UK, they have increased over the years but still significantly less than here, but that is only part of the story. When specifying a product to be made abroad the importer is trying to cut costs, and this will not only be the labour content, but often the overseas manufacturer uses cheaper materials, thinner or lighter metals, and unless monitored carefully the finish can sometimes be variable.

Black Fisherman Ceiling Light

Our Fisherman’s Lights are manufactured here in the UK, we prefer to source our lights from manufacturers based and producing lighting here in the United Kingdom where we know the quality is checked and the ‘air miles’ reduced.  Inevitably there are some components that have to be sourced from overseas but these are kept to a minimum.

Our UK range is manufactured in South Wales by an old established family metal spinning company  J D Burford whom we have worked with for many years. This traditional range of lights includes the ever popular Fisherman’s Pendant and Wall lights as well as a collection of smaller outdoor wall mounted light fixtures. All are made in a good choice of colours and being powder coated are durable.

fishermans wall lights 165

Occasionally we may well find a nautical light range that has been sourced further afield, but if the quality is right we will include them in the range. We will make it clear it is not from the UK. In the end we try to make sure those imported items are quality checked and that way we can keep you the customer and us happy.

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